G-Loc: Air Battle

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The sequel to 1987’s Afterburner and is for the most part just a graphical update on the older game.  While gameplay may be the same as before, it really is a major jump forward in the visuals department.  Sega appear to be experimenting with 3D modelling as the planes here have a much more solid look to them compared to the large sprites from Afterburner.

Also the way the world below flies by has a much greater sense of depth with a better sense of actually flying over.  The previous game didn’t have the same sense of movement, the world moved past you rather than you moving over the world.

All in all it’s a much welcome update to a classic arcade cabinet.  Especially with hydrolic controlled cockpits.  Sega have another surprise for air combat fans visiting the more well to do arcades… a new 360-degree cabinet that goes beyond the basic hydrolics of the previous cabinet and throws the gamer in all directions with the action on screen.


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