P-47 Thunderbolt

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Shooting games are one of the oldest types of video game tracing their roots all the way back to the original Space Invaders.  Most are based in some way or another around the basic Scramble formula and really P47 is no different here.

With this in mind I’ve always found shooters to be very same-y and this limited in enjoyment.  And they always seem to full into two camps.  Very repetitive or very difficult.

So P47 comes as something of a bit of fresh air.  Everything about the game is, well, perfect for the genre.  A good range of enemies and power ups with well thought out attack patterns, bosses and level back drops stop the game feeling overly repetitive.

Gameplay is tight and not overly difficult and the graphics.  The graphics.  Did anyone think the CPC was capable of anything like this?  I thought the reason Amstrad announced the CPC Plus machines was to offer this level of 16-bit competing graphics.

This is a regular CPC pulling everything it can out of Mode 0 with a careful choice of 16 colour pallet, skillful use of gradients, beautiful art design and smooth side scrolling.


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