Rockstar Ate My Hamster

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Codemasters first attempt at charging full price for a game leaves a bitter taste having only just been charged £2.99 for the excellent Fantasy World Dizzy.  It appears they got the charging the wrong way round since Dizzy’s last outing provide more value than any other premium offering on the CPC I can think of.

As a budget game Rockstar isn’t at all bad, not great, but still fun to play.  It’s a menu driven management game reminiscent of Millionaire on the ZX Spectrum.

You play a budding Bernie Epstein and are tasked with creating a cohesive band out of the music industries top talent and propelling them to the top of the sales charts.

Gameplay is a basic cycle of practice, gig, publicity, practice, gig, publicity, with some time out to record an album and watch singles fail to make an impact on the Sunday charts.

Really this game is all about the tongue in cheek humour with dodgy takes on popular artists names and risky Stun headlines.  The key to the game being managing the happiness of your artists and gaining publicity without hitting bankruptcy.

Ultimately though I do remember managing a Software Business in Millionaire to be a little more engaging long term.


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