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Chase HQ was the arcade smash hit of 1988 that injected a much needed sense of fun into racing games by casting you as a traffic cop and getting you to ram perps off the road.

On the face of it Ocean have done a credible job of bringing the arcade action on to the small screen of the CPC.  They’ve captured the feel of the arcade pretty well but unfortunately it just hasn’t worked.

While colourful and detailed I do find the Mode 0 graphics just to low res and blocky for this game.  There just isn’t the draw distance needed for this game to work.  Road obstacles jump out on you and are a pain to avoid.

This wouldn’t be so bad if the game had playable controls.  Even if you’re lucky enough to have a working two button joystick accelerate and steering with the stick is awkward.  Despite joystick support this is very much a keyboard game.

Once you’ve set the keys up in a comfortable fashion the game does become playable and somewhat enjoyable but it never really crosses the line to the greatness of the arcade original.

On the CPC though it’s biggest issue comes from the competition.  In short Power Drift in particular, but Live And Let Die as well, are just much better and more enjoyable racers.


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