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To say Dizzy’s third instalment is something rather special would be an understatement indeed.  I last saw Dizzy in a special covertape giveaway for Amstrad Actions 1988 Birthday edition.  While the game may look almost identical the gameplay has progressed leaps and bounds to make what is arguably the single best game available on the CPC.

Graphically this looks fairly low key and doesn’t stand well next to such CPC giants as Batman and Shinobi.  It looks like a budget game, a basic Spectrum port.  And for the most part it is.  Mode 1 with the straight four colour limitations that brings.

But what it may lack in the general looks department it more than makes up for in the gameplay department.  This time we are given three lives and a deeper inventory system that between them allows for better puzzles and more trial and error.

In many ways this Dizzy outing should put you in mind of the previous budget smash Spellbound, albeit with much more logical and well thought out puzzles.

At it’s heart Dizzy in an Action-Adventure that sees you seeking items to solve various puzzles in order to find and rescue your poor missing girlfriend Daisy.

And it’s the quality and design of the puzzles that really sets this game apart.  It does have some issues with pixel perfect jumps, especially in the Illusionary Wall, but these prove to be minor niggles in an otherwise very great game.


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