Batman: The Movie

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Graphically this game is possibly the best available on the Amstrad micros.  And following the likes of Shinobi and Rick Dangerous that is very high praise indeed.  Batman represents what the CPC is capable of when no stops are pulled.

And in terms of gameplay it’s no shy violet either.  Batman: The Movie represents a premium product from Ocean and is more than worth anyones time and investment to seek out and enjoy.

The first level is a classic maze type platformer which, I think, for most will represent the heart of the game.  You need to fight past the bad guys and learn your way around the chemical factory in order to follow the plot of the opening scenes of the hit movie and push the Joker into the chemical vat.

Level two was something of a let down.  Driving the batmobile.  To be honest I didn’t understand what was going on or what a need to achieve to pass this stage – even using an unlimited energy/time cheat.  So this is where I stopped.

However I know later levels return to the same platforming the first so I don’t want to judge this game too harshly on my inability to understand the second level.


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