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Laser Squad is a game I struggled with.  I think I needed to spend more time with it, but on the flip side I never got the impression more time would have helped much.

Graphically it’s a superb psuedo-3D birds-eye affair in the best monotone colours available blessed with plenty of detail and good quality animation.

The concept and gameplay works really well and is definitely a step forward from anything else on the CPC.  It’s a turn based strategy game that sees you moving your men in to position to take on the opposing forces.

In some way’s the basic set up didn’t feel a million miles away from They $tole A Million.  And like that game a lot does come to micro-management.

In fact for the combat themed gameplay I found the micro-management a little too involved this time round.  A lot resting on what equipment you choose for your squad at the start, and having to change weapon your holding, and making sure you’ve go enough movement points to fire.

It’ll take several play throughs of each level to work out the best equipment and starting position and the general positions of the enemies hidden movements.


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