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At first glance this is Sega’s rip-off of the Robocop arcade cabinet.  Much of the action and even the basic story is pretty much on par with the earlier game.  Especially once you’ve completed E-Seat status by completing the first three levels, when you receive your mech-suit armour.

The Robocop comparisons really hit home as you shoot bad guys hanging out of windows.  This is where E-Swat looses its sheen.  The lack of diagonal fire makes the timing of these guys a bit more critical.

However the game makes up for the lack of directional control by copying from one of Sega’s own previous arcade super game, Shinobi.  If this game doesn’t keep you thinking of Robocop in gameplay, it probably will constantly remind you of Shinobi in level design.  Complete with the exact same method of switching between two play levels and scrambling over stacked boxes.

E-Swat is a fun game in it’s own right and is almost the perfect blend of Robocop and Shinobi.  However being such an obvious amalgamation means it never really manages to provide the underlying magic of either.


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