Rick Dangerous

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An absolute masterpiece of a game that is as tough as nails to boot.

Rick Dangerous is a beautifully crafted Platform-Adventure that sees you guide the eponymous hero through South American jungles, Egyptian Pyramids and Nazi strongholds.

The graphics and animations are absolutely sublime and easily among the best, if not the best, you’re ever likely to see on the CPC.  Mode 0 and 16 colours are put to the best effect here.  At times Rick himself can look a little blocky and undefined, but that’s just a limitation of the CPC’s high colour low resolution mode I can live with.

The platforming and level are brilliantly designed and the game focuses very much on repetitive play and learning the level layout.  In fact this is probably the games biggest criticism.

The further you get through the game the worse hitting a tricky section and loosing all your lives becomes.  This is one game that needs to be played through a few times using an unlimited lives cheat.


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