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It’s impressive to look at and plays a reasonable game of Pool but it won’t take players long to want to return to the overhead comforts of Steve Davis.

3D in 3D Pool refers to the way the table is drawn on the screen, using similar geometry based models seen in games like Total Eclipse.  As with Total Eclipse it’s an impressive system to see but the CPC has neither the speed or the colours needed to pull this effect off properly.

Being in 3D means a change of perspective.  Shots are now placed from behind the cue ball, much like on a real Pool table, rather than from a birds eye perspective.

This makes it much trickier to properly line up shots and the single fire button means you’re never entirely sure whether you are moving around the table, adjusting power and spin, or actually taking the shot.

Really its a case of the whole game let down by speed and controls.


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