Tank Attack

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The idea behind Tank Attack is nothing new.  Philips were offering something incredibly similar on the Videopac console back at around the time of the ZX Spectrum’s release.  A traditional board game that interacts with a computer program.

Tank attack itself is a game for 2-4 players that can be best described as a cross between RISK and Chess, possibly somewhat closer to Chess or maybe Chinese Checkers.

The board is split into four quadrants, one for each player, and the aim is to capture your opponents Head Quarters.

The game itself is pretty good and interesting, the use of the home micro less so.  The problem is the CPC is largely relegated to the role of the dice.  The computer isn’t really bringing anything more to the game play.

If the computer had more understanding and control of piece positions and was able to shape board play based on this overview then it might be interesting, but then it would just become like the computer chess boards with you entering each and every move in to the micro.

Likewise if there was a computer opponent to play against.  Ultimately recreating the entire game on the computer screen and dispensing of the game board would have lead to an interesting strategy game.

Don’t let all this put you off.  It is a good board game and well worth the time to play.  It’s just not a video game.


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