Operation Wolf

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A pretty decent coin-op conversion that works surprisingly well with the joystick.  However much like Oceans recent Robocop, it does have a 16-bit on 8-bit feel to it.

Once again the choice of Mode 0 for more colours leads to too low a resolution.  The graphics are too blocky for the level of detail and number of colours.  It’s almost a case of either details background or detailed sprites, but both look messy.  And again we’re forced to remember that the Atari ST does 16-colours in the CPC Mode 1.

This complaint is especially noticeable on level 2, in the Jungle.  There’s only so many shades of green, brown, and red on offer and parachuting commandos easily get lost in the trees.  Camouflage working too well?

Still, this is surprisingly a minor complaint and doesn’t have that big an impact on the overall playabilty of the game.  And the game is very, very playable using a joystick.

I found crosshair movement to be fast and accurate and I never found myself getting frustrated at the gameplay.  I didn’t try with keys but could imagine the movement to be slower and less accurate, harder to navigate around the screen.

The joystick does have one significant issue though, and that’s a single fire button.  Grenades need to be relegated to the keyboard which can take a few seconds and introduces timing problems.

You really need a stick with two fire buttons, which the CPC does actually support.  Maybe a controller from the Sega Master System with the stick screwed in to the pad?


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