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Apparently Ocean bought the licence to Robocop from the script, before the film was even released, and then sold the arcade rights to Data East.

So this is the home computer game the arcades was based on.  Got that?  Right.  Now go play it in the arcades.

Sorry but this game just doesn’t work on the CPC.  The problem is Mode 0.  Sure you get all those lovely colours, but at a cost.  Low resolution.  The result is lots of indistinguishable blocky colour.

I can’t help thinking the higher resolution Mode 1 with 4 colours might have served this game better.  Almost making a case for a Spectrum port? (see pigs can fly).

See the problem with this game on the Amstrad is not only is Mode 0 too low a resolution, and the graphics too blocky, but the animation is too slow.  The game chugs along with the left-right scrolling, player animations, and controls.

It’s almost as if Ocean took a 16-bit Atari ST game and tried to squeeze it into the 8-bit CPC where it just doesn’t belong.


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