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Utterly brilliant.  If there was ever an advert for upgrading an 8-bit home micro to a 16-bit model I suspect Capcom’s latest coin guzzler might just be it.

It’s hard to know where to start with this platformer that borrows from shoot-em up’s in all the right ways.  On paper it might sound like Green Beret but it play’s more like R-Type.  The animations, the colours, the parallax scrolling.  If Strider is an example of what to expect in the next decade of video games then it’s going to be good.

Especially the actual character animation.  Strider himself is a large colourful sprite and full of very fluid animations between walking, sliding, jumping, climbing, and slashing his word.

I really enjoyed the overall multi-direction platform design.  It’s mostly a straight left-right affair and I never felt I was confused with were to go next.  I loved the variety of environments.  A good Russian theme, and the end of section bosses weren’t overly taxing.


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