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If a game on the CPC could be called arcade perfect, then this is probably it.  Considering the lower colour palette, slower 8-bit processor, and lack of any kind of sprite handling the CPC puts in a stirling performance in offering up a home micro rendition of Sega’s cockpit shooter.

With one fire button the main guns are set to autofire leaving you to dodge, weave, and and let loose the missiles.  An overly generous helping of lives should see you threw to some later levels.

Afterburner plays incredibly similar to Sega’s previous coin-op Space Harrier.  It’s interesting seeing the difference proper enemy sprites, versus outline shapes in the laters CPC conversion, makes to the underlying gameplay.

Alas in the home, while top notch and extremely fun to play, the simple Space Invaders gameplay is laid bare.  With the novelty of the coin-ops motorised cockpit synchronising on-screen flight some of the core excitement is lost.


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