Aliens (US Version)

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The American version of Electric Dream’s hit movie tie-in Aliens given away with issue 17 of Advanced Computer Entertainment magazine.

This version is a 6-part multi-load cassette recreating the story of the movie from Ripley’s decent on to the prison planet through to her battle in the Exosuite with the Alien Queen.

While the presentation is pretty top notch the first thing you notice is the monochrome Spectrum graphics.  Despite the Speccy’s higher resolution and 8 on screen colours monochrome has become all the rage on that system to avoid attribute clash where sprites take on background colours.

I found it to be an overly tough game and a copy of the level codes is really needed to see most of it without frustration.  Especially the very first level which is basically flying through hoops.  The whole sequence is too long and to unforgiving.

It’s not a bad game but also not one I’m biting at the bit to get back to.


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