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Par 3 is a compilation of three golf games in one package.  The three versions of Leaderboard by Access and US Gold.  I would review them separately but it’s basically three versions of exactly the same game with only a few differences between the World Class version and the other two.

First released in 1986 Leaderboard is the best effort of bringing the long walk spoilt to the home computer.  Indeed it does such a good job of recreating the game that non-golfers might find value in this package.

You are given a 3D perspective view of the hole from behind your golfer.  You have a standard choice of clubs, each capable of hitting the ball a different distance.

Once you’ve selected your club and lined up your shot it’s over to the power bar.  This is what makes the Leaderboard series so good and playable.  In many ways it’s very similar to Steve Davis Snooker and fulfils a similar role.

Hold the fire button until the power bar reaches the right level and then release to start the snap bar.  Press the fire button again to stop the snap at the right place.  Stopping on the snap line (easier said than done) gives a straight shot, either side gives fade or draw which sends the ball left or right.

I must admit I strugged with the snap bar in particular and resorted to Novice or Kid mode were the snap bar still works but is ignored and the ball always flies straight.

Tournament Leaderboard is just four additional courses otherwise it looks and plays exactly like the first game.

World Class Leaderboard is something special and a bit more than just a new course pack.  There’s been a few updates that means screen drawing is a little slower but the overall game is better and more realistic.

The four courses in this version are now based on real life golf courses, you can play St. Andrews – the home of golf.  The courses now contain additional hazards like rough grass, trees and bunkers.  There’s also wind to take account of and a wind direction meter above the power bar.


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