Dragon Ninja (Demo)

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A  home computer version of the brilliant Coin-Op, Bad Dude’s vs. Dragon Ninjas, that has preciously little to do with the arcade other than a shared name, oh and they’re both scrolling beat-em up’s.

This version is a 5-level demo given away with the 1988 Christmas edition of ACE magazine.  Just enough to know not to bother with the full price release.

The problem isn’t really with the graphics, the animation, or the general style of gameplay.  All are actually very top notched and polished.  Take a look at the player sprite.  The use of colour, detail and animations might actually be the best seen yet on the CPC.

Alas the game has a control problem.  One fire button just doesn’t cut it.  It’s a little confused in the heat of battle whether I’m supposed to be kicking, punching, jumping, or whatever.  But then I’m not sure it matters.  Press the fire button and the game will choose.


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