Ghouls n’ Ghosts

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This is Capcom’s sequel to their popular Coin-Op Ghosts n’ Goblins which we last saw in Elite’s best of pack on the CPC.  There’s nothing to it, it really is exactly the same game as last time.  If you liked one you’ll like the other.  If you’ve played one, you’ve played the other.

What Ghouls does have is much updated graphics.  Like most new arcade cabinets of this time its putting the power of Motorola’s 16-bit microprocessor to good effect.  The system board allows for 4096 colours on screen from a whooping 65,536, a far cry from the Amstrad’s best of 16 from 27.  This and a screen resolution of 384×224 allows for some bright, colourful and very detailed graphics.

But more importantly the sprites are bigger and the animation is first class.  It’s almost a joy to watch you errant knight die.  Loosing his armour, being turned in to an old man with a walking stick, and finally a pile of bones.

It may not bring anything new in gameplay, but the updated graphics and animation makes for an extremely fun arcade to play.


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