Total Eclipse (AA Trainer)

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This is a demo or a slice of the third game based on the frankly impressive Freescape 3D graphics system, and was given away for free on the 1988 Amstrad Action Christmas covertape.

It’s a fairly basic, simple maze exploration game were you need to explore the rooms inside Egypt’s Great Pyramid and search the crypts for six treasures.

The 3D effect is truly amazing and wondrous to see.  It’s not a million miles away from Ant Attack on the Spectrum but only with colour.  It’s certainly a big advancement of the popular isometric system used in games like Batman and Knight Lore.

However, the movement is a little on the slow and jerky side.  There’s no real feeling of action.  There’s plenty of puzzles and it’s not easy, but it just has a pedestrian feel to it.  One to experience but once experienced I’m not sure I’d want to splash out for the full product.


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