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Terrible, terrible, terrible.  This would be a brilliant driving game if only.

It’s a conversion of an Atari Coin-Op and it’s a driving game with massive standout flaw.  It doesn’t drive.  The car sprite seems to hold not real relation to the road it’s supposedly driving upon.

The perspective of the car is a little weird and more 2D and flattened and misshapen than you’d expect.  And the steering is bonkers.  More snaking than driving.

Get past the driving issues, and you can, and there’s actually a pretty decent game here.  The idea of shooting other cars off the road and picking up fuel as you go.

The core game I actually like, even if there isn’t any real variety in the preceding levels.  The CPC’s graphics aren’t half bad despite the squashed cars.  The speed is pretty good once you’ve accelerated.

It’s just completely let down by the lack of any real solid handling in the steering.


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