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Could this be the perfect Coin-Op?  Certainly not the absolute best game as video games go to come out of the Arcades (Shinobi?), but possibly the best evolution of the coin guzzling arcade game.  A game that doesn’t just invite you to pump it with loose change, but actually makes you happy to leave the amusements £10 lighter.

It’s a straight forward left-to-right scrolling platformer not a billion miles away from Shinobi and Bad Dudes but with guns.  The level layout and enemy spawning is very similar to those beat-em-up games.  Perhaps this is what helps make Robocop more fun than something like Forgotten Worlds which is an out and out shooter.  It’s also not as tough and out to get you as more traditional platform shooters like Green Beret or Bionic Commando.  Even the likes of Bad Dudes and Double Dragon tends to be harder in having to grapple with your foes.

Until you come up against the end of level bosses Robocop can seem a little too easy, a little too invincible.  But that just means you’re not feeding the slot and enjoying the action.

Graphics wise it’s everything you’d expect from a 16-bit arcade cabinet with large sprites full of colour and plenty of detail.  And the level design apes the blockbuster movie it’s based upon perfectly.  The first end of level boss in particular is a pleasure to go up against – the formidable ED-209.  And the second stage following the chaos and destruction of Old Detroit by Clarence Bodicer and his gang.

An extremely, extremely, fun cabinet to play.


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