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Is this just a remake of Outrun?  Yes, yes it is – but don’t let that put you off.  Outrun was a great game and this one is even better!

It’s all about the context and Taito have taken the basic Outrun shell and grafted on one of the more addictive driving games out there.  Instead of a joyriding surfer dude to show your girlfriend a good time with a Sunday drive in your Farrari, this time you play the part of high speed road cops out to bring down the law breaking speedsters.

Play is very much like Outrun in that you race along open roads with branching paths (be careful to watch out and take the right ones), avoiding other road users and trying not to bash into the scenery.  Instead of Checkpoints you have a timer with which to catch up with the target car.  Once you found the target, sirens on, and it’s time to bash in to them and ram them off the road.

This latter twist adds a fresh new dimension and gives Outrun a level of fun that checkpoint driving in the original kind of missed.


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