Bionic Commando

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Here’s a game to spark a graphics versus gameplay discussion.  In short this is a Spectrum port of an Arcade port.  It has all the gameplay of the arcade with all the graphics of the Spectrum.

Gameplay wise there’s little to complain about.  It’s the same platform shooter as in the arcades.  You play a GI type with extensible prosthetic arm and must do battle.

Level layout seems the same and I still love the one armed swinging actions between platforms.  Like most arcade games the difficulty is probably up two or three notches from what I’d like, but that’s how they deprive you of your small change.

This games issues are all in the presentation.  Seeing Spectrum ports on a CPC is rarely nice.  Seeing monochrome Spectrum ports on the colourful CPC is heart breaking.

The big problem with monochrome Spectrum graphics is they’ve solved colour clash with camouflage.  It’s can be neigh impossible to find your player sprite, whose poorly animated to say the least, in amongst all the black lines of the background drawing.

An to top it off the garish colours chosen for hi score bar, which takes up a full third of the screen.  Out of 27 colours this is the best combination they could find?


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