Dizzy – Special Edition

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This game went somewhat under the radar on release.  Codemasters seem intent on making a name for themselves releasing full price quality titles at knock down budget prices.  At £2.99 Dizzy is a far more accomplished and polished game than the fair majority at £14.99.

This version of Dizzy was given away free on Amstrad Action magazine October 1988 cover cassette.  It’s a special version of the game rewritten by game programmers The Oliver Twins.  Based on the full game this version has about a third of the rooms and much of the locations for objects to solve the puzzles has been moved around. They’ve also hidden a few extra objects that display special messages.

Even with less rooms this game is pretty big and will keep most occupied for a fair few hours.  This is certainly no cut down demo, more a special game in its own right.

Gameplay follows the Spellbound and Everyone’s A Wally puzzle adventuring theme with players having to find objects that solve the various problems Dizzy faces and move them to the correct location. The ultimate goal is to get the fire under cauldron at the start lit and a magic potion bubbling away.


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