Impossible Mission

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A first glance it’s a simple Space Panic type platformer.  Maybe a little like Manic Miner.  However a few minutes of gameplay shows off something a little bit different.

For a start the game map is made up of a number of adjoining rooms you free to visit in any order.  Each room is made up of a Manic Miner-esque puzzle to solve.  Namely several items of furniture guarded by killer robots that you need to find a way to search.

Unfortunately searching takes time so you need to work out the right order to visit the rooms in to get the appropriate passwords to freeze the robots which in turn should give you time to search some furniture.

The needed passwords are, of course, hidden in the furniture you’re trying to search.  Indeed, the main goal is to find the 36 password fragments that’ll get you entry into the control room.

A well presented, nicely animated, colourful platform.  And given away free on an ACE magazine cover cassette no less.


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