Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninjas

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Not a unique game, but a very well presented and fun game none the less.  If it didn’t take a certain amount of time to create a video game I’d swear this is an answer to Sega’s Shinobi which at first blush it greatly resembles.  The other game that quickly comes to mind is Double Dragon and it’s predecessor Renegade.

It’s a straight forward right scrolling two level platformer, like Shinobi, with a close combat multi-enemy fighting that is a little closer to Double Dragon.  The other obvious influencer would be Green Beret which had a very similar level layout and enemy attack patterns.

Sprites are big, colourful and well animated as you’d expect from a 16-bit arcade cabinet.  Likewise with the parallax scrolling backgrounds.   Used to particularly good effect when fighting on top of a fast moving truck in one of the earlier stages.


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