How To Be A Complete Bastard

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A different, fun game, that put’s you in the role of a Ad Edmondson character at a swary cocktail party.  Your objective, make all the guests leave by being the foulist of guests possible.

The game uses a similar split screen view to Spy Vs Spy to provide access to a 3D environment.  The two views can be rotated individual by the player to get better perspectives on the action and depth.

Bastard plays out in a completely open 3D mansion.  You can go anywhere and do anything, so long as you’re annoying other guests you’re doing fine.

You can carry up to two items at a time and as you explore cupboards and coat pockets you’ll find plenty of items from sneezing powder to cling film that you can use creatively to gain those all important bastard points.

If there’s a criticism to be had it’s that the humour, straight out of The Young Ones text book, is very juvenile and can wear a little thin quickly.  But not before you’ve found a good use for those ice cubes!


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