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The core game play is actually quiet old.  Probably the first of the kind was a 3D Maze game on the ZX81 which had you hunting down a T-Rex.  It’s not a million miles away from Dracman, the 3D Maze Pac-Man game on the Spectrum.  Of course it’s all in the presentation.

However, it’s all in the presentation.  Gone are the wireframe corridors.  The Ceiling, walls and floor are all made from solid boxes.  And it’s not just a solid colour as you might see in a Freescape game, no the walls have repeating patterns and the whole thing moves along nice and fast.  It’s an impressive looking game.

That said the actual player game window is fairly small, a quarter of the screen.  Still that does mean two players can compete side by side.

Not so much a maze as a corridor shooter.  Half dozen or so monsters lay between your start and the exit at the other end of the windy corridor.  Shot the monsters, pick up the key, and leave by the exit.


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