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Love it, love it, love it.  I absolutely love this game!

What makes it even better is the price.  This is a £2.99 cassette release!  At that price who can complain at waiting four minutes for the game to load?  Especially when what you get is this good.

How to describe this rather unique puzzle shooter?  It’s kind of a mash up between Boulderdash and Gauntlet.

You play the part of a small green space ship (or tank) and need to clear all the blocks from the level.  This is done by firing at them, but you must keep at least one space between your ship and the blocks.

Trying to stop you are Pac-Man style square monsters chasing after you trying to stop you.  Once you’ve cleared all the blocks the ‘E’xit will open up, similar to Gauntlet.

If I could give this fabulous game one complaint it would be your ship can get lost in the busy-ness of the backgrounds.


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