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Of the three home versions, for the Spectrum, Commodore 64, and CPC, of Atari’s coin-op hit Paperboy, the CPC version stands head and shoulders above the competition.   Only to be bettered by 16-bit or home console versions.

This is another fine example of Elite getting the best out of the Amstrad and is a game that shows the CPC can do smooth scrolling when pushed.

The colours, thanks to the CPC’s 27 colour palette, are bright and perfectly invoke the spirit of the arcade original.  The only criticism is the small mode 0 game play window, a necessity to get the colours and scrolling on the CPC.

It plays just like in the arcades with you as the paperboy lobbing the daily news at houses while you cycle down the street avoiding obstacles.  There’s even the bonus assault course at the end of each stage.

The CPC version does have one useful bug/cheat I’ve not encountered in other versions.  If you’re careful and line the bike up with the edge of the curb just right then you’ll be immune from any obstacles and free to go about your business.  The only downfall is having to restock papers and find your way back to the curb.


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