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Bomb Jack is the first game in Elite’s Christmas bundle, “The Elite Collection”, and a game I unfairly dismissed when it was first released back in July ’86.  I didn’t think it would be ‘my type of game’.  I’m happy to admit I was wrong.

Bomb Jack is similar to Bubble Bobble but was released in the arcades a good two years earlier, in 1984.

You play the titular Bomb Jack and your task is to collect all the bombs placed around the screen.  You can move left and right, and fire to jump.  While you can jump fairly high, it’s still limited to make platform positioning important for some tricky areas of the screen.

While you are clearing the screen a number of robots will appear and generally get in your way.  Touch one and you loose a life.

The game makes good use of the CPC’s colour palette, especially with the iconic backgrounds.  All in all it appears to be very faithful to the arcade.


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