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Airwolf is a hateful game with absolutely no redeeming features.  It’s the same basic game as on the ZX Spectrum from 1985, only to give Elite their due it has been massively updated for the CPC’s enhanced graphics capabilities.

The game genuinely looks gorgeous.  It’s just a shame it doesn’t play as good as it looks.   You take the part of Peter Stringfellow Hawk from the TV Series of the same name and fly the titular Bell 222 helicopter armed to the teeth (well, you fire bullets).

The games problem, as in the Speccy version, is in how badly the helicopter handles.  Somebody thought “I know helicopters hover” and proceeded to try and simulate this by implementing an unforgiving gravity system.

The helicopter is constantly falling out of the sky and you need to be constantly pushing up on the joystick to counteract.  Which is fine, it actually give the intended result of giving a certain feeling to the player of flying an helicopter.

However, to then set the game in very tight narrow caves with instant death when you touch the walls…


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