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Something went wrong with Activision’s port Sega’s coin-op platformer.  The basic game is an enjoyable enough right scrolling platformer in the Super Mario Bros. vain.  It’s just something was lost in the translation to the CPC.

The first thing that strikes be is the shear size of the Wonderboy sprite, followed by the god awful colour palette.  One of the stand out features of the CPC is the choice of 27 colours and no attribute clash which should stop games having to look like…this.

And all that before the player starts moving.  Scrolling as always been an issue on the Amstrad but Wonderboy goes out of it’s way to point this out.  The game is slow, the motion is juddery, sprites flicker, and the controls.

All in all it feels like a bad port and a missed opportunity.  You’ve left wondering what the likes of Elite would have achieved with a licence to make the port.


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