Solomon’s Key

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For some reason this game reminds me a little of the Bubble Bobble arcade game.  There’s a similar maze like platform level layout.

The goal is simple enough, get the key to open the door, and then exit the level through the door.  However door and key are not placed in locations easy to reach, and you’ll be confronted by nasties getting in your way.

You have two fire buttons to get you past the nasties and through the level.  The main fire button, ‘SPACE’ or Joystick Button, is the spell button.  This will make blocks appear and disappear.

The second fire button, ‘RETURN’, fires a limited number of fireballs at the nasties.

I found this to be a surprisingly enjoyable and addictive game, if not somewhat difficult.  The graphics make best out of the Amstrad’s low resolution mode, they are bright, colourful and recreate the arcade experience to a very high quality.

A standout title for the CPC.


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