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Renegade was the Coin-Op beat-em up predecessor to Double Dragon.  Ocean have used their Imagine label to bring it to the home computer where it is currently the closest game available to Double Dragon.

Like it’s big brother, Renegade see’s you pit your wits, and fists, against waves of enemy combatants.   Each level give you a wide scrolling battlefield with a good dozen or so badies to punch and kick before the harder boss turns up to give you a licking.

It’s a superb looking game that is incredibly fun to play.  However it does have a slight drawback.  The fire button on the joystick doesn’t work so playing with the stick isn’t really a great idea.

The reason for this is the use of three cursor keys to handle the arcade cabinets equivalent.  Jump, Attack Forward, Attack Behind.  So it makes more sense to use the keyboard for movement as well.

Alas I’m not sure I like the choice of keys used (‘W’,’A’,’D’,'[SPACE]’).  Along with pushing the down cursor for jump, it’s just not quiet right.  It’d be a better game if I could’ve redefined them to taste.


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