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Every so often something very special comes along.  And by very special I mean the type of game that really stands out from the crowd.  Like Jetpac on the ZX Spectrum.

Well, Exolon might just well be the CPC’s Jetpac.

Like Jetpac this is a fairly standard platform shooter.  And, like Jetpac, it’s all in the presentation.  It really looks like Hewson are the CPC’s Ultimate Play The Game in terms of the quality and variety of their output.

The game itself is a Green Beret style left-right scrolling shooter set in space.  Same as any such shooter, fire at anything that moves on the screen while you try and make progress.  Thankfully you’re given a healthy number of lives with which to learn screen patterns.

What it may lack in fairly standard gameplay, it more than makes up for with graphics of the like you probably never thought the CPC capable of.  Pure expert use of 16-colour Mode 0.  Just look at the main player sprite, at the detail, the number of colours, the animation.


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