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The Sentinel is something very unique and special.  It’s a kind of strategy platform game with a lot to talk about.

And for this one we really must start with the graphics.  3D.  No, not just any 3D, not isometric 3D, not a perspective illusion, but a proper 3D landscape built from interconnected triangles and squares.  A method that gives Freescape’s Driller a run for it’s money.

While it may look a little (a lot) blocky and basic in the graphics, the 3D effect give the landscape form and provides the needed allusions of height and distance.

So what about gameplay?  Well you could call this 3D chess but it’s likely a lot harder.

Somewhere on the screen is a sentinel and it’s looking out for you.  Everytime you make a move you get on it’s radar and if you’re in its path it’ll lock on and … bam!

You need to take the sentinel out before it gets you.  You do this by taking the high ground, you need to be above the sentinel to disable it.

Movement is another unique factor in this game.  You move by building clones and transferring your consciousness into the new body.  This take energy so you need to absorb your old body, as well as trees and boulders, to replenish your energy – which of course will catch the sentinels attention.

The Sentinel is a surprisingly deep thinking game about learning the 3D landscapes to find the best routes to sneak around the sentinel without being seen and gaining that high ground.


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