Bionic Commando

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Now this is a really fun and colourful Coin-Op that superbly mixes the Donkey Kong and Commando formulas in a way that is bigger than the plan left-right, barely three level, Green Beret.

You play a one armed commando dude on a POW rescue mission.  Level’s consist of vertically and horizontally scrolling platforms to explore and kill enemy soldiers.  The unique twist, which adds a whole new level of run, is your bionic grappling hook arm.  It extends out to grab upper ledges and knock guards off their feet.

The big thing about Bionic is that is tough, but fair.  You never feel like the game is out to get you.  You need to work hard to get through the levels but they feel, with a bit of practice, you can learn the layouts and defeat them.  This is possibly the most important factor in a good arcade game.

That, and the arm.  We need more platformers based around hanging and swinging and extensable arms.


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