Space Harrier

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Not every arcade game can be converted to the home computer.  Not everything Elite touches turns to gold.  This conversion of Sega’s Coin-Op hit is a case in point.

Space Harrier himself is a nice big colourful, well animated sprite. The backgrounds equally are up to standard, as is the overall speed of the game and score bar at the top of the screen.  It even plays like the arcade original.

So what went wrong?

Well it seems to get that arcade scrolling speed the trees, boulders, enemies, bullets, just about every sprite other than the Space Harrier are simple outline drawings.

These see through outline shapes make it very difficult to see what you need to avoid and where you are aiming.  Sure you get a stupid number of lives to compensate but it’s frustrating to bump into the umpteenth tree you had no hope of seeing and avoiding.


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