Head Over Heels

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Here it is!  Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond’s follow up to the excellent Batman.  Made using the same isometric 3D system first made popular with Ultimate Play The Game’s Knight Lore.

This time you play two symbiotic critters called, naturally enough, Head and Heels.  Head and Heels start the game in different position and your first task, by switching between characters, is to bring them together at the start of the second level.  On the way picking up items they’ll find useful on their joint quest.

Both Head and Heals have slightly different abilities that makes them suited to solving particular types of puzzles.  And after level two some puzzle are designed for the combined abilities of a single Head-Heels hybrid.

Graphically the game seems a bit sharper and more colourful than the last time out, and the puzzles are definitely harder and more fiendish.

For many this will be the better game and is a more than worthy follow up to Batman.  However, personally, I do prefer Batman as a game.  Really the games are too similar and Head Over Heels just brings new puzzles to solve.


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