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One of my favourite games in the arcades is Atari’s Gauntlet that sees you hunt through mazes of ghouls and ghosts for treasure, and an exit.

Druid is a version of Gauntlet written by Firebird especially for the CPC, and it shows.  Superb use of Mode 0 graphics gives a slightly narrow four-way scrolling gaming window that is full of colour and detail.

The game is more structured than the Atari game it is based on.  You play a wizard on a mission to rid the world of an evil foe.  To do this you need to find keys to open the exit to the next level.

Keys, as well as spells, golems, and ammunition, can be found in treasure chests located around the level.  It’s a tough game as energy will depreciate rapidly and finding the right ammo to fend of each enemy is important.

All in all it more than scratches the Gauntlet itch.


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