They $tole A Million

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What are you like with your heist movies?  Do you watch The Italian Job thinking you can do better?  Do you laugh at Ocean’s Twelve thinking you can show Ol’ Blue Eyes a thing or two?

That’s basically They $tole A Million.  In many ways it’ll remind you of the excellent magazine listing Raffles that was included in the 6128’s instruction manual, only filled out and improved at every turn.

Million has three parts to the game.  The hiring, the planning and the execution.  The hiring is about using your limited funds to pick a target, get the plans, choose the best team and a fence for your swag.

Once you’ve played Danny Ocean or Jim Phelps and got the perfect team together it’s off to the meat and bones of the game, the planning stage.  Here you need to walk each team member through their movements through the heist and back to the getaway car.  Keep a close eye on timing and make sure all team members are in the exact right place at the right time.

Once you’re happy with the plan and all member know what they should be doing it’s time to commit the perfect robbery.  Your team will automatically go and follow your instructions.  You can go in with your own character and clean up behind them, just make sure you get back to the car before the Old Bill turns up.

If you get away with enough swag then you should be able to fund the next heist on your way to a million.

The graphics may be simple, but the gameplay is surprisingly deep and involved.  A lot of thought needs to be given to choosing team members.  A lot of thought needs to be given to timings and actions in the planning stage.  You really need to know what to take and what to leave.  Is cracking the safe worth the time?


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