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Why spend £14.99 on one game when you can get five?  Barely a couple of months prior Green Beret would have been that price on its own.  Now the magic of Christmas effectively gets it bundled with four free games.

Of the five game Green Beret is the stand out arcade conversion.  And it pretty much is that.  A good 8-bit conversion of the tough as nails Coin-Op.

Graphically it makes the best out of the CPC.  On the one hand the character sprites are on the blocky side, a trade off from using mode 0.  On the other hand mode 0 brings a great use of 16 on screen colours.

The game is every bit the arcade and is equally as tough to get through despite the generous number of lives given at the start.  It boils down to the same issue the arcade has – bringing a knife to a gun fight isn’t a great idea.

There’s a couple of minor concessions to limitations of the CPC hardware but nothing that seriously detracts from the game.  Instead of smoothly side scrolling a flip-book approach is used.   When you walk off the edge of the screen the display resets with you back in the centre.

The other minor change is a limitation only three enemy sprite appearing on screen at a time.  This is no deal breaker though since the arcade only had one more bad guy coming at you and the difficulty hasn’t reduced because of it.


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