Trivial Pursuit

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The ultimate quiz game comes to the CPC and a mighty fine conversion it is too.  The key really is the CPC takes the role of Quizmaster, but it’s all in the presentation and here we really can’t fault Domark’s excellent work.

The game starts with the obligatory roll of the die.  Here the conversion to the big screen has been put to good use and the CPC’s number randomiser takes the form of a dart throw.

It’s the full, classic, Triv board complete with wedge squares and the full set of high brow question categories (it’s not called the ‘Genius Edition’ for nothing).

Select your subject and your taken in to the drawing room for quizing.  The questions are every bit has tough as you’d expect and, again, perfect use of the the interactive format by including both picture and music questions to test your brain with.

The only real negative to be had is the self policing and honesty needed in answering the questions.  You need to tell the CPC if you got the question right, which is understandable – they haven’t invented mind reading computers, yet – but, does require a degree of honesty.


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