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It’s easy to dismiss Saboteur as too simple, and perhaps once you know the solution it is.  In someways it’s a game of a bygone era and yet the presentation with the detailed textures and large sprites feel up to date.

Part of the reason of all this is that it is an obvious Spectrum port.  Monochrome sprites on (usually) single colour backgrounds to avoid colour clash.

However even with the solution in hand put this game on level 9 and I’m sure you won’t get to the end with any ease.  And along the way you will have a lot of fun, because Saboteur is a heart a very very good game.

You play the titular saboteur, a ninja infiltrating a bond villain type secret hideout to steal a data disk and then escape via an helicopter on the roof.

The issue some would have, not me, is that there is only one solution and after a successful two minute play though on one of the easier levels you’ll have completed it.  It’s a short game but the idea is the challenge of then replaying, knowing the solution, and completing on successfully harder levels.


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