Tau Ceti: Special Edition

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An updated special version of the hit game Tau Ceti that takes advantage of the 6128’s faster disk loading and extra memory.

Tau Ceti is a difficult game to pigeon hole.  It combines features from a few genres without properly fitting in any.

You are on one of the planets orbiting near-by star Tau Ceti.  You need to find the rods for the reactor and bring them back.

Mostly the game plays similar to the old first person tank games from the Atari days where you shoot at enemies as they come in to view.

However this is combined with a need to seek towers that contain Rods or other information and dock with them.  In this way the game closely resembles the brilliant space simulator Elite.

Once docked the game takes on a slight adventure game feel as you type in text commands to issue instructions and interact with the docked tower.

All in all it comes to together extremely well to make a compelling and enjoyable game.  However I did find the difficulty just a tad too high and struggled with the outdoor shooting parts.


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