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Virgin games were highly praised for their CPC version of the Spectrum game Sourcery.  At around the time of the 6128’s release they produce a special 128k disc only version called Sourcery+.

However I decided against playing it because I’d already played the Spectrum version that had been included on the Soft Aid games compilation cassette.

So it seemed a natural thing to see what all the fuss was about when Shogun came out.  As a fan of the TV series starring Richard Chamberlin I had to find out if Virgin could live up to the reputation gained from Sourcery+.

Well, I have to say that graphically it looks stunning.  I’m not sure you’d find a better looking game on any home computer system at this time.

But good looks does not make a game and it does seem to be Sourcery all over again.  And I still don’t get it.

It involves a lot of flying around between screens and you supposedly need to gain followers by making as many people like you as possible by smiling at them.

If you can’t can’t get them to like you then there’s always the flying sword fight option.  Really the whole thing is very confused and lacks a sense of direction.


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