Doomsday Blues

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The May issue of Amstrad Action, released in April 86, didn’t just include a good full game in the shape of The Covenant, it also included a number of demo’s from French software house PSS.

The main demo on offer was a game called Get Dexter which seemed to get all the rave reviews.  However, based on the demo, I just didn’t get on with it.  It seemed like Manic Miner in isometric 3D.

However another game on the tape did catch my attention, Doomsday Blues.

This is another well presented 3D title that is a little more difficult to pigeon hole.  It’s not a platform game, not so much an action game, not a lot of adventuring going on, and I’m not convinced it can be described as a maze.

Whatever it is, it’s actually surprisingly fun to play.  It’s very much a trial and error game.  Constantly repeating from the very beginning and, hopefully, getting a little bit further with each play through.

The actual premise is very simple.  A prison break.  You are a prisoner, in jail, and you must escape.  Simple, no?

Just make sure you don’t bump in to any guards on your way out and keep your energy up.  Good luck.


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