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This is more like it, a game written first and foremost for the CPC.  And don’t let the four colour mode 1 Spectrum-esque isometric display convince you otherwise.

This is an updated take on Atari’s Marble Madness game and it works hard to improve on the original in every way.  The game makes more focus on the maze like obstacle design with a series of interconnected rooms.

The task is to collect all the diamonds within the time limit which is extended with each diamond you collect.

It’s the physics of the motion of your 3D spinning top that sets this game apart.  Just like Atari’s original, it moves and feels just like a fast moving spinning object should and has all the difficulty of control you’d want and expect.

Importantly the room layouts and puzzles are extremely well designed and thought out especially to take into account the restrictions imposed by trying to navigate such an object round an assault course.


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